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Services and Pricing

We connect you to swift and competent processing staff so that you can devote your full energy to bringing in new loans.  Our loan processors will provide the following services to you:

       Within the first 24 hours of receiving your new files the following is completed:

  1. Each file is input into our processing system from either a handwritten 1003, or electronic file.

  2. All Verifications of Employment, Deposit, Rent, and Mortgage are sent out.

  3. We order all title work on your behalf.

  4. We order the appraisal on your behalf based on the preferred vendors you want us to use. (on pre-approved files)

  5. Payoffs are ordered through the title company or by us depending on the title companies policy for your state.

  6. Survey, condo certifications, and any other needed documents are ordered at this time.

  7. A status report showing all the work completed on your file is generated and the e-mail and password is sent to you so view your status online 24/7 with the Loan Commander.

  1. Next, all items that were sent out are tracked and collected by your processor who will verify and organize them to be sent to the lender of your choice.
  2. Your processor will coordinate with you with any items that are needed from the borrower to expedite the process of getting your loan underwritten. 
  3. We will create copy packages and send your loan to the lender of your choice. 
  4. We follow up with the underwriter and track the amount of time your files are in underwriting so that they are not sitting on a desk.  (underwriting times may vary by lender)
  5. Once we receive the approval from the lender we will fax a copy to you for review to make sure the interest rate and terms are acceptable.
  6. We will work with the all parties to collect any conditions needed to move your file to closing.
  7. We will order hazard insurance, and coordinate with your title company to set a date for closing.
  8. We submit a doc order request to the lender so that they can draw docs for the title/escrow company.
  9. We coordinate with the title/escrow company to obtain a copy of the settlement statement prior to closing for review by us and you.
  10. And we follow up on any post closing conditions needed to fund your loan.
We only ask a two things of you.
  • To lock the rate with the lender that you have chosen for the file.
  • Stay in contact with your borrower and help collect any missing items that we have requested from the borrower that have not come back in a timely fashion.


  • $495 to $595 per file.  See contract - pricing based on location.

  • Bulk discounts starting at 20 closed loans per month.

Pricing includes the above mentioned services, free 24/7 online status reports, long distance, submission to the lender of your choice, and the return of your electronic file after closing.  Additional fees not paid for through closing will be billed as follows:

  • Standard Fees
    • Overnight / copy fees to the first lender is included.  $30 for submissions to 2nd and additional lenders.  (billed to broker)
    • Verification of Employment fees, HOA, Subordinations, and Payoff fees paid by Broker prior to services being performed for broker.
  • Optional Fees
    • Rush fee.  Should a situation arise where a loan officer needs to have a loan rushed to closing the broker or loan officer agrees to pay a fee of $100 to devote additional resources to close the file quickly.
    • Disclosure Mail Out.  At loan officers discretion will mail out disclosures to borrowers for a cost of $35 per mail out plus the cost of overnight fees.  This is an optional service and shall be paid prior to service being performed weather the file closes or not.

For more information see our processing agreement.

Our goal is to provide a service that will allow you to concentrate on the sales aspects of your business and leave the paperwork to us.  

Since 1996 we have had experience closing every type of loan.  Put our proven tracking system and experience to work for you and we will make sure that your loans are always moving towards a smooth closing.  

All our loan processors will work one on one with you to assure that you always have a live person to talk to if you have a problem or question.  No more voice mail jail, no more getting the run around.  Get ready for a breath of fresh air - our processors are friendly and helpful people who care about your success.  Call Loren Parker today at 866-418-3472 (toll free) to find out how the best processing company in America can help your business.