No doubt you have been approached or e-mailed by a number of companies offering to process your loans at low rates.  Some of these companies send your files to processors who work out of a spare bedroom in the home, some send your files out of the country to people who can barely speak our language.  For some purposes this is perfectly fine, but your paycheck is riding on the closing of your loans.   If your processor is not experienced, or they are unable to communicate effectively with your borrowers your closing ratios will fall substantially. 

If your profits are like most loan officers, you will quickly realize that saving one or two hundred dollars on processing will quickly cost you thousands in unclosed files.  It's great to save money.  But there are some things you should just not skimp on, and loan processing is one of them.  So spend a little extra money to make sure your loans are going to not only stay in the U.S., but that they will be handled by loan processors who are qualified and managed to make sure you get the most closings per month you possibly can.  Give us a call if you have any further questions.  We look forward to working with you.